Management Services

AEC is established with almost 45 years of top-level experience in national and international association management. We have worked with a diverse group of boards and committees and understand the inherent challenges they face. Understanding the importance of professional management to an organization that undergoes yearly changes in volunteer board leadership is part of our strength.

Successful association leadership is constantly searching for new ways to move an organization forward while continuing to provide value to the organization’s members. AEC provides a hi-touch, hi-tech approach to association management. By providing personalized customer service to members, while utilizing the technology members have come to expect from a professional organization, we are able to strategically create and maintain momentum.

Management services available to our clients include:

Membership Growth and Development

Membership growth and development is vital to the success of any organization; it is the lifeblood. We can provide proven methods for accomplishing the association’s membership goals, including developing a membership campaign to recruit new members, planning a program for membership retention or developing significant new member benefits/services.

Financial Management

Financial accountability is one of the most important tenets on which boards judge management companies. We provide complete financial management, including monthly balance sheet/financial statements delivered to the board of directors. A monthly, crystal-clear financial picture allows the board to make well-informed decisions on strategic issues. In addition, the client has 24-hour access to online financial data, increasing the level of transparency.

Conference and Event Management

Annual conferences, traditionally a significant source of non-dues revenue for associations, are an AEC specialty. We provide first-rate event and conference management, from site selection and program development to registration and onsite execution. We produce successful conferences that enhance the image and professionalism of your organization.

Virtual events have grown in popularity considerably over the past few years. With our detailed experience AEC can produce high impact results that can be utilized with regularity each year to produce an incredible event with the added benefit of accommodating attendees who are not able to attend in-person events. We provide the option of planning for virtual or hybrid events using the latest technology to give your members/attendees the best educational and/or networking experience. Our goal is to make virtual events feel more like broadcast television, providing interactive online experiences produced to immerse and engage your remote audience no matter what device they are using.

Managing an Organization’s Brand

Crafting an image online is more than just a website or Instagram account. It means carefully curating the various online platforms so the overall brand of the organization is firmly established and maintained.


Whether it is magazines, print and/or electronic newsletters or annual reports, we can produce high-quality products that not only inform members but also enhance the image and professionalism of the association.

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